Graphic Designer Required in South Africa

If you draw for a living and have always fancied a life close to the Savannahs, then this is your calling. Graphic designer is needed for a range of super markets functioning in South Africa. 

Job requirements:

The role of a Graphic designer is multifarious and vague sometimes, so here’s a little clarity for you. 

  1. The candidate has to have a good command over various Graphic software. 
  2. The candidate would have to make various promotional design, images and other things as required by the chain of supermarket. 
  3. The candidate should have seamless command over MS-Office and have hands-on experience with it for a couple of years. 
  4. The candidate would have to be open to back office work as there might be such tasks at the discretion of the employer. 

Minimum experience required: 

The candidate should be experienced for a span of anywhere between 2-4 years. 

Status of the post: The company is looking out for a candidate who is seeking a permanent position. 

Interested candidates can contact: 

Interested candidates can reach out to the following contact number

022-26740632 / 33 / 44 –  Reena

In conclusion

If a job closer to nature and getting to have your creativity run wild piques your interest, then here is an opportunity that should not be missed for the world. You get to live your best life in the comforts of South Africa, where the wild things are. 

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