Research Associate, University of Westminster

The UK job market is booming amidst a global economic downturn and Brexit uncertainties. Unemployment is down to 3.8% and salaries are up by 4% year-on-year, the highest increase since 2007.

The University of Westminster College of Design and Digital Industries requires a Research Associate.

Job description

The role is to assist in organizing two pioneering eight-week programs for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chevening Fellowships scheme. The program participants are high-level mid-career journalists from various countries and will discuss and explore the theme “Media freedom and trust in the misinformation age”

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Research content of the programs and related matters
  2. Researching and arranging the correct speakers
  3. Research background information for participants
  4. Research relevant topics, issues, and institutions in the UK
  5. Research issues in media, cultural sectors, and politics in Africa and South Asia
  6. Liaise with political institutions and major media companies in the UK, Africa, and South Asia
  7. Match African and South Asian journalists with political mentors and appropriate media
  8. In-depth understanding of African and South Asian culture to troubleshoot any issues arising during the programs

Education qualifications

The applicant must possess a post-graduate qualification in arts, humanities, or social sciences.He must also have extensive experience of working in an African or South Asian media context and/or UK media context. The applicant should also possess hands-on experience in organizing events and managing contacts with NGOs, political and media organizations, academic, and artistic institutions. Interpersonal skills and excellent IT knowledge is essential along with the ability to take initiative and multi-task.

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