Chief Accountant Required in Dubai, UAE

Lately, Dubai has been the hotspot for the most lucrative job opportunities. Apart from offering a higher standard of living, Dubai tends to offer more than just job satisfaction – it offers a way of life. 

If you have an inclination towards numbers and are aspiring to have a profitable shot at accounting, then Qanawat in Dubai is looking out for you. 

There is a Chief Accountant job vacancy at the firm and they are looking for a candidate who can match up to their expectations. 

Job description: 

The main duty of the Chief Accountant would be to direct and coordinate financial activities of Qanawat business units from different offices in the region. The candidate would be expected to have a passion for getting things done as the activities unfurling under this job profile are fast-paced and need precision thinking at lightning speed. 

Duties and responsibilities under this job profile

  1. To plan and coordinate the Qanawat Finance activities in different units and offices. 
  2. To control the overall finances of the organisation to maintain the budget and conduction of financial analysis, preparing financial reports, developing an effective system of accounting and maintaining accurate financial records. 
  3. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with clients
  4. Researching and preparing annual budget, cash flow predictions according to current investments and liabilities taken into account. 
  5. And above all, maintaining confidentiality in performing duties and managing the finances of the company. 

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma degree would suffice, as long as the candidate has an insatiable aptitude for accounting expertise. 

Expected Remuneration: 

The expected monthly salary range would be $3000-$4000. 


Interested candidates can proceed with their applications here

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