Event Management Position at Gold Coast, Australia

If the rigmarole of a mundane work life dreads you to settle for a 9-5, then here’s your shot at something much more dynamic, much more fun. Reliable Education Private Ltd is a company based in Australia and is looking for efficient Event Assistant / Assistant Producer. 

Having an impeccable list of clientele, there would never be a dull day at work here. 

About your Role here:

As an Event Assistant or Assistant Producer, you would have to report to the Event Director and would have to be responsible for the following: 

  1. Developing event briefs collaterally
  2. Briefing the suppliers 
  3. Liaising with the Suppliers
  4. Taking ownership of organising Logistics
  5. Arranging travel plans for business purposes
  6. Database and inventory list management
  7. Source and provide content to the IT / management teams for digital collaborations. 
  8. Comprehensive administrative undertaking

Skills needed to bag the Job: 

  • You need to have a positive attitude and a passion for working
  • The candidate should have a growth mindset. 
  • The candidate should have an ability to work independently and also as an asset to team dynamics whenever needed
  • Experienced in using Slack, Asana and G suite with utmost flamboyance. 

What you need in order to apply

  • Passionate person with 5 years of event experience
  • Someone who has the scope to extend over the contract term
  • Interested candidates can apply with CV, a short cover letter and 1-2 minute video detailing why you should be hired. 

Application deadline: 6th December 2019

Remuneration expected: AUD 50,000 per annum.

To apply, visit their site https://reliable.education/ or contact them here

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