Philanthropy Manager for the World Wild Life in UK

If making a difference on the world we live has been a life-long mission for you, then WWF offers you the chance of a lifetime. The position for a Philanthropy Manager currently stands open at World WildLife – UK. 

What comes as your job responsibilities is mentioned herewith: 

The most basic instinct one needs to have to live up to the expectations of this job is to have an ardent desire to contribute towards the restoration of the planet’s resources. If you have successfully been able to manage a Giving Club or have ever planned a Giving Programme, then this is the biggest opportunity for you, coming from the world’s leading conservation organisation. 

Simply put, your role is to establish a high-value giving programme which aids the growth of mid-level philanthropy for two of the most strategic priorities of the World WildLife – “Thriving Habitats and Species” and “Climate Change and Polar regions”. 

The Organisation will look to you for the creation of an Integrated Annual Programme of print, digital materials and specific events to engage donors from various factions of life. To make matters a tad simpler, you will be given a small pool of donor portfolios to build a steady and robust pipeline to major fund-raising. 


Since the Job posting is in the UK, the remuneration stands to be £35,000 p.a. 

Job level: 

The job requires you to work at the Management level. 


The job requires dedicated individuals, and is hence a Full-time designation.

To apply, click on the link here

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